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The spirit of a Credit Union is synonymous with the spirit of cooperation. It is the philosophy of democracy, mutuality and service which underpins and gives life to the cooperative principles and thus the Credit Union operating principles. Ticor Title subscribes to the same philosophy, for over 100 years, Ticor Title has been a force in the title insurance market and continues its tradition of extraordinary customer service with a rock-solid financial foundation and commitment to its customers.


Ticor Title, is part of Fidelity National Financial, the country's leading providers of title insurance and ranked 366 on Fortune's top five hundred list. Fidelity National Financial has more than $2.6 billion in claims reserve and excellent bond ratings. Making it the most secure title company worldwide and allowing you and your members the highest level of security.


Ticor Title offers you and your members the knowledge and expertise of its escrow, title and staff of seasoned professionals. Our Southern California Credit Union fulfillment center's closing team is dedicated to service credit unions ONLY. We have developed an excellent, all inclusive pricing for title, escrow and notary services for your members.


Because our business is based on strong relationships with real estate agents, brokers, builders and other real estate professionals, our local sales management and representatives are well positioned to help introduce your team to these professional networks.


Ticor Title can offer your Credit Union:

  • Single point of contact
  • Integration with your LOS
  • Escrow team dedicated solely to credit unions
  • Customized daily, weekly and monthly status reviews and scorecards
  • Aggressive bundled pricing
  • Centralized and customized services

We look forward to providing you and your members with "Concierge Service."



Rick Drumm
Director of Settlement Services

Phone: 818-458-3826
Email: rickdrumm@fnf.com


Jon Mayberry
Settlement Services

Phone: 818-271-1057
Email: jonmayberry@ticortitle.com

Joe Duarte

Vice President

Phone: 714-392-4700

Email: joe.duarte@ticortitle.com



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